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Justin Montreuil, agronomist for Coopérative Sollio & Avantis, and François Cormier, supervisor at Ferme Cormico in Moncton, talk about their new equipment. ECBlue fan, ESA heat exchangers, new IEL LED lights, CORTI water line, a complete solution that exceeds all expectations. The results speak for themselves: improved performance with remarkable energy savings, all with a solution focused on animal welfare!
Testimonial - March 29, 2024

They trust us : Ferme Cormico

Project completed 2024 Complete solution from IEL Agricultural Technology. ECBlue fan, ESA-3000 heat exchanger, IEL LED light, Lubing water line & Landmeco feeder. ENERGY SAVING| EFFICIENCY| ANIMAL WELFARE

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More than a mission, for complete, innovative solutions!
Announcement - February 13, 2024

More than a mission, for complete, innovative solutions!

An industry leader, we've been listening to local producers for over 50 years. Proud innovators through the decades, IEL's success is due in large part to our curiosity and desire to offer quality products adapted to today's realities.

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IEL Technologie agricole fait l’acquisition de Global Concept
Press Release - March 10, 2023

IEL Technologie Agricole acquires Global Concept

To expand the range of services offered to its agricultural customers, IEL Technologie Agricole announces the acquisition of the Global Concept Engineering service from the company Global, owned by Vincent Nadeau-Morissette. The Global Concept team has been transferred to Sainte-Claire, along with the IEL Technologie Agricole team, to ensure greater synergy between the two teams, in the interests of their customers.

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We are now distributors of Cumberland and Lubing products.
Announcement - September 14, 2022

We are now distributors of Cumberland and Lubing products.

We are proud to announce that we are now distributors of Cumberland and Lubing products! Two product ranges allow us to offer you the complete IEL Technologie Agricole solution for all your poultry projects.

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IEL Technologie agricole
Press Release - September 22, 2020

Global's Vincent Nadeau-Morissette and Avantis Coopérative join forces to acquire IEL's agricultural division

At a press conference, Avantis Coopérative and Global's Vincent Nadeau-Morissette announced the acquisition of IEL's agricultural division, IEL Technologie Agricole. In order to enable business partners, employees, agricultural producer members, and customers to attend, while respecting current sanitary guidelines, the meeting was webcast.

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Coopérateur - January 10, 2024


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