Testimonial - March 29, 2024

They trust us : Ferme Cormico

Justin Montreuil, agronomist for Coopérative Sollio & Avantis, and François Cormier, supervisor at Ferme Cormico in Moncton, talk about their new equipment. ECBlue fan, ESA heat exchangers, new IEL LED lights, CORTI water line, a complete solution that exceeds all expectations. The results speak for themselves: improved performance with remarkable energy savings, all with a solution focused on animal welfare!

With IEL, we have access to a team of experts. With the collaboration of the R&D engineers and suppliers involved, we have opted for the complete solution that corresponds to our specific needs, enabling us to obtain outstanding performance reports. The team at IEL Technologie agricole is available and proactive at every stage of our project. It's reassuring to be so well supported in such a large-scale project. The results speak for themselves.

The IEL team supported us throughout the project for our new broiler barn, building 440. Throughout the project, their support was second to none. Especially when we started using ESA heat exchangers with our Maximus controls. This was new equipment for the whole poultry team. The IEL team guided us step by step to make sure we were running smoothly.

Once the heat exchangers were up and running, we immediately noticed the difference in the henhouse. The birds are calm, well distributed on the floor, and we've managed to keep humidity levels very low throughout the rearing period.

- Francois Cormier, Cormico Farm Supervisor

When I got onto the floor, I asked François to operate the heat exchangers, as I couldn't hear them working. François replied that everything was working. I was then amazed to find that the ESA heat exchangers are very quiet. In the first few weeks of use, we managed to recover 72% of the heat from the henhouse thanks to the ESA heat exchangers. This greatly reduced our heating costs.

We were also able to appreciate the final results of the first breeding program. We achieved a feed conversion of 1.495, which puts us very close to the top 25%. Our EPEF and GMQ were also in the top 25%.

Another interesting parameter to judge whether the batch has performed well is obviously the MPA. We were able to generate $0.725/kg thanks to the bird comfort created by our ESA heat exchangers.

François and I are very satisfied with the performance of our heat exchangers and are in the process of implementing this technology in several other existing buildings.

Justin Montreuil, agr. Sollio & Avantis

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